The SCHA is an organization which furthers the teaching and understanding of history. The only requirement for membership is an interest in, and a love for, history. Current members include students, high school teachers, college professors, librarians, archivists, and history buffs. At the Annual Meeting papers on European, British, United States, Sourthern, and of course, South Carolina history are routinely presented. Moreover, sessions on politics, military, race & gender issues, the teaching of history, et. al. are standard. Annual meetings provide an excellent opportunity for initial critical review of graduate student work, for the presentation of a paper by non-academicians, and of course, for papers by those currently teaching history. 

By joining the SCHA, a member:

  • receives THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION [papers presented at the Annual Meeting may be published either in toto or in abstract form in THE PROCEEDINGS; papers are refereed; THE PROCEEDINGS  is a refereed journal];

  • is notified of the Annual Meeting [note: Annual Meeting costs (lunch and registration) are extra];

  • has the right to attend and/or submit a proposal for paper for presentation at the Annual Meeting, i.e., one must be a member if one wishes to present a paper at the Annual Meeting; 

A departmental membership is also offered. 


Print and complete either of the following forms and mail them in to join our organization or to subscribe to The Proceedings. 


The Proceedings