Welcome to the online home of the South Carolina Historical Association.

The South Carolina Historical Association (SCHA) was founded eighty-seven years ago in 1931 to help enhance the teaching and study of all areas of history. The association has a diverse membership that includes university professors, graduate students, archivists, public historians and even park rangers!


SCHA provides opportunities for individuals who love history to share that passion with like-minded individuals through an annual meeting held every March. Papers presented at the annual meeting are eligible for submission to our prestigious peer-reviewed journal The Proceedings.


Check our website for updates throughout the year on the annual meeting, the call for papers, information on how to become a member, etc and check out the South Carolina Historical Association on Facebook for other updates and opportunities throughout the year.

If you have a passion for history we hope you’ll join us!

The 2022 Meeting is coming!

Saturday, March 12, 2022 

SCHA 2022, Newberry College

History of SCHA

The South Carolina Historical Association was founded in 1931 by persons teaching, writing, and studying history in South Carolina. Since that time, it has held an annual meeting for the presentation of papers on a wide variety of historical fields. Although its geographical base is the state of South Carolina, the organization exists to enhance the teaching and study of all areas of history. Membership comes primarily from South Carolina, but the organization is open to any person interested in history. The person's field of study may be any area of history; the association welcomes and encourages participation regardless of the historical field of interest. The Association also publishes a journal, The Proceedings, to which papers presented at the annual meeting may be submitted.